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Who Needs Another Blogger?

Nowadays, everyone is a blogger. Does the internet have room for another?

Hmm, what do you think?

Frankly, I don’t care anymore.

I prolonged this initiative for too long. Despite my experiences as a relatively successful artrepreneur, good ol’ fear and doubt commanded the spotlight. Now, I’m taking that control back.

There are countless business reasons that support launching a blog. More importantly, I believe that I have a valuable message that may assist the lives of others.

So here it is…

The world has another blogger!

I’m assuming I fit under the “lifestyle” blogger category. Disclaimer: My life isn’t going to look like your favorite bloggers’ life (Sorry, no mansions, Lamborghinis, and Dubai trips). Stay tuned though, it’s a coming. For now, I’ll document my experiences as an artist, offer book reviews, conduct interviews, and periodic reflections.

I’m excited for this journey and, as always, I appreciate your shares and feedback. There’s already a million blogs out there so give this one a try.

Talk to real you soon!


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